Perhaps you’re a student who is in a choir or in an a cappella group and would like to take your group to the next step. Maybe you’re a music teacher who wants to introduce contemporary pop music to your students to give new content within your classes. Regardless of why you’re here, let’s focus on your mission: you want to take yours and/or your group’s vocal ability to another level. By the end of this 5-Day Vocal Lab, you will be more confident with your skills to perform in front of your audience!

  • In-Depth exploration of Vocal Tech, Music Arranging & Ensemble

    Strengthen and intensify your voice to eliminate any areas of weakness or breathiness. Learn how to practice healthy posture with Joe. Learn arranging for voice types, theory & harmony, groove tempos and styles with VJ. Let Trace take you through the importance of Ensemble.

  • Deep Dive into Beatboxing and Bass

    Learn the fundamental techniques for using your voice to create drum sounds & beat patterns. Learn how to work cohesively with your bass singer and develop upbeat grooves for any song with Niko Del Rey and Jules!

  • Helpful Tips Bonus Lab

    What you'll need to start recording on a professional level from home and how to use YouTube to market your a cappella group. Get secrets on how The Filharmonic chooses their music and when they release new videos.

Course curriculum

The Vocal Lab

A cappella is at an all-time high. With National TV shows like NBC’s The Sing Off and movie’s like Pitch Perfect, it's become more mainstream than ever. New groups are being formed every day, auditions, competitions and it’s up to you to stand out of the crowd. Learn how to market you and your group on YouTube. If you don’t have a group, learn how to start one. Network and collaborate with The Filharmonic and other a cappella leaders. Learn their processes and get The Filharmonic selected music arrangements first! Current Value $599.