Perhaps you’re a student who is in a choir or in an a cappella group and would like to take your group to the next step. Maybe you’re a music teacher who wants to introduce contemporary pop music to your students to give new content within your classes. Regardless of why you’re here, let’s focus on your mission: you want to take yours and/or your group’s vocal ability to another level. By the end of this Mini-Vocal Lab, our goal is to introduce you to 3 main fundamentals of a cappella to lead you towards a more confident performance!

  • Group Structure

    Learn what it takes to start a group and what different roles each member can play to contribute to the team.

  • Music Arranging

    Learn the basics on how to arrange your music to help find you and your groups own sound. Listen to how The Fils arrange a popular song and watch them perform it in different styles.

  • Rhythm Section and Grooves

    Learn different variations of beat boxing and vocal bass. Listen to Jules and Niko perform different grooves and beats that help lay down the foundation for The Filharmonic.

Course curriculum



The 5-Day Vocal Lab

  • $79.00

    $79.00The Vocal Lab

    THE VOCAL LAB WILL COVER THESE TOPICS: Vocal Technique with Joe, Ensemble with VJ, Beat Boxing with Niko, and many more… with extra tips and tricks about YouTube and Social Media.
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  • $89.99

    $89.99The Vocal Lab with Live Coach

    THE VOCAL LAB with LIVE Coaching will cover everything in The Vocal Lab PLUS you'll get to be coached by one of The Filharmonic. Get real life coaching and sing for one of the members of the group!
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